“Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki” is one of the many traditional crafts that are representative of Kyoto. “Kyōyaki” refers to Kyoto pottery that became popular in the foothills of the Higashiyama mountains, due to the trend of Japanese tea ceremony since early Edo period. “Kiyomizuyaki,” on the other hand, is pottery that was made in Gojō-zaka, the approach to Kiyomizu Temple. Today, “Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki” generally refers to all kinds of ceramic ware in Kyoto. “Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki” does not pertain to particular styles or techniques, but encompasses them all. This is because Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, was the city where talented craftsmen and fine quality materials gathered from all over the country, and was where many temples and shrines, the imperial family, and the aristocrats were patrons of these traditional arts.


Asahido was established in 1870, right by the gates of Kiyomizu Temple. We have held our store for generations, specializing in “Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki.” Today, along with the changes of the times, we now provide a variety of products, ranging from ironware, lacquerware, and glassware, in addition to our wide selection of pottery. In recent years, “Asahi Touan,” a pottery store complex comprised of six facilities, was established in order to promote young artists’ works, daily-use pottery and traditional crafts. We are determined to lift up the decreasing number of traditional crafts and artisans, and enliven this industry again in order to support and protect our tradition. We are also dedicated to promote the art of Japanese handwork – known for its delicateness and attention to detail – on an international level, especially in this city of Kyoto, where guests visit from all over the world.

Company Introduction

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Asahido (main store)

Our main store is proud to showcase the widest collection of Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki pottery as a specialty store. In addition to exquisite pottery by famous artisans of Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki, made in wide varieties but in small quantities, we carefully select hand-painted and handmade items that carry a sense of warmth. We also appraise ceramic ware from all over the country, and we have a large selection of works made by famous and young artists, from gifts to dinnerware, for both celebratory occasions and daily use. 075-531-2181
9am – 6pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may be extended during Kiyomizu Temple’s special evening admissions.


Craft Shop Asahi Touan

Fresh works made by some of the best young ceramic artists from all over Japan are on display and for sale in this shop. Daily-use items are also available in addition to Kiyomizuyaki pottery, including textile products such as placemats and beverage coasters, lacquerware, incense, tapestries, and woodblock and silk-screen prints. Items are affordably priced, ranging from 300 yen. 075-551-1656
9am – 6pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may be extended during Kiyomizu Temple’s special evening admissions.


Art Salon Kura

This gallery, located inside Craft Shop Asahi Touan, was renovated from an earthen warehouse with beautiful shikkui (Japanese lime plaster) walls. Biweekly exhibitions display ceramic works by young artists from all over Japan. Ceramic artists who have shown here have become famous, making this gallery a gateway to an artist’s career. The artists themselves are present at the gallery during exhibitions, so that you may choose your favorite ceramic piece while enjoying your conversation with them. 075-551-1656
9am – 6pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may vary depending on the exhibition. Please check beforehand.
*Open hours may be extended during Kiyomizu Temple’s special evening admissions.


Asahido Chawan-zaka Store Biki

The concept of “Biki” is, as the name suggests, “a beautiful vessel.” Carefully made ceramic pieces line on the shelves, of which many of them are created by young artists, ranging from modern art to casual dinnerware that incorporates new techniques and forms. Many works by popular ceramic artists who exhibited in Art Salon Kura are also exhibited. 075-551-1670
9am – 6pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may be extended during Kiyomizu Temple’s special evening admissions.

陶芸体験 美器工房

Ceramics Workshop Biki Kobo

This is the closest ceramics workshop studio to Kiyomizu Temple. You are more than welcome to participate in a relaxing moment of concentration and creativity in our pottery studio surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a tranquil atmosphere. All instructors are young Kyoto artists, and classes range from playing on the potter’s wheel, decorating, and hand building. Class sizes are kept small to enable an easygoing experience, as few as from one participant per class. Overseas shipments are also available to deliver your original ceramic works home. 075-531-2181
10am – 5pm (last admission) *closed on New Year’s Day Guests with reservations are given priority.


Saryo Seihantei

At the center of Asahi Touan, Seihantei is located in the most secluded area. Enjoy your Japanese-style lunch with homemade soba noodles and sabazushi (pickled mackerel sushi), or a teatime break with a matcha set or a wasanbon sugar pudding set. 075-541-9575
9:30am – 5:30pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may be extended during Kiyomizu Temple’s special evening admissions.


Tearoom Asahi-zaka

A calm and stylish café facing Chawan-zaka. We highly recommend the “Seasonal Lunch,” as well as Kyoto’s specialty dishes with namafu (wheat protein) and fresh yuba (tofu skin). We also offer many other menus suitable for both lunchtimes and tea breaks, including creative dishes such as Kyoto-style loco moco, a yuba rice bowl, tofu parfait, and local beers from all over Japan. 075-531-2181
10am – 5:30pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may be extended during Kiyomizu Temple’s special evening admissions.


Asahido Arashiyama Store

Our Arashiyama store is newly established inside Arashiyama Syoryuen, a multi-store complex with Kyoto delicious foods and traditional crafts. While keeping the qualities of our main store, the Arashiyama shop also showcases its own unique and original items. In addition to Kiyomizuyaki ceramic ware, contemporary homeware and casual dishware are also available, such as teak wood cutlery and moss and lichen bonsai works by young artists. 075-882-0368
10am – 5pm (open everyday)
*Open hours may be extended during Arashiyama Hana-tōro night illuminations.



〒605-0862 1-280, Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu


Take the City Bus #206 from JR Kyoto Station and get off at Gojozaka bus stop. 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

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075-531-2181 / 075-531-2185

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No holiday




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From 2,000 yen