Mindful Hospitality with Kyo Ware/Kiyomizu Ware

The graceful forms and refined decoration of Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware produce a refined air of hospitality

Unique Forms and Colorful Decoration

Exquisite shaping and minute decoration – the harmoniously beautiful forms and colors are imparted by masters of the art.

Dishes to Enjoy with All the Senses on Your Special Occasion

A fine meal on a momentous day: when the tableware complements the food being served, diners cannot help but enjoy their meal with all their senses, making for a memorable atmosphere of satisfaction and delight.

Special Giftsfor the People You Cherish

Our selections are curated personally by expert connoisseurs: you will not fail to find something that conveys your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to tell our staff what you want and how much you want to spend.

Ask Us About Packaging

We provide wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc., for any occasion and degree of formality. If you require anything in particular, then our staff will be glad to be of assistance.