【Kiyomizu-dera Temple Traditional Crafts】 ASAHIDO SHOP Kyoto


Traditional craft Asahido is located very close to Kiyomizu Temple.


Kiyomizu Temple, a World Heritage site, is also the sixteenth holy Kannon site of the 33 in western Japan. Located very nearby is traditional craft Asahido.

135 years have passed since Asahido started its business in the third year of the Meiji era. Today, it continues to serve its customers as a store specializing in Kyoto pottery/Kiyomizu pottery.

With one of the largest collections of Kiyomizu pottery from those by famous artists to products made at traditional workshops and even new creations of young craftsmen, a wide-ranging lineup of traditional Japanese craftwork other than ceramics such as chopsticks, lacquerware, Nambu ironware, Kyo-Yuzen tapestries, woodblock prints, incense, and accessories are also available.

In addition to its head store, Asahido also operates seven other branches such as Asahi Toan, Biki and Saryo Seihantei which are both stores selling works of artists, and a pottery workshop.
Each of the branches follows its own concept, allowing customers to experience the many features of Kyoto.

In recent years, Asahido is visited by tourists from a variety of countries and the store strives to introduce many different types of craft products which are creations of the Japanese culture to everyone who stops by so that they can enjoy the city of Kyoto even more.

Asahido is a duty-free store that also offers overseas shipping service. All the staff are looking forward to seeing you!