Palace Hotel Tokyo Shop


Delivers the fascination of traditional crafts in Kyoto by offering a wide range of lineups, not limited to Kyo Ware and Kiyomizu Ware.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Shop

The first directly managed retail store opened in Palace Hotel Tokyo, the five-star hotel in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

The shop located on the basement floor of the Hotel Arcade offers a wide variety of crafts, including the lineups of Kyo Ware and Kiyomizu Ware just like the main shop, Kyo folding fans, Kyo ceramic dolls, Nishijin brocade, and others, aiming at the only one pilot shop for traditional crafts of Kyoto in Tokyo. Particularly focusing on seasonal festivals, pieces of craftwork that represents an aesthetic sense of the seasons will be offered to customers domestically and overseas.

【Products available】
Ware/Kiyomizu Ware (Asahido), Kyoto-style Lacquerware (Zohiko), Folding fans (Onishi Tsune), Incense (Shoeido), Bamboo crafts (Takano Chikko), Store curtains (Uno Co., Ltd.), Kyo ceramic dolls (Kyoto Odamasu), Kyo Bina-Dolls and Kyo Dolls(Ando Japanese Doll), Kyoto-style wirework (Torii Kanaami Kogei), Kyoto-style fans (Aiba), Print art (Miyabido), Kyo-style spinning tops (Jakukyu), Zogan – Japanese inlay craft (Nakajima Zogan), Nishijin Brocade (Kaji Textiles), Japanese cushions (Rakuchu Takaokaya), Ceremonial envelopes (Washiclub), Kaishi – traditional Japanese paper(Tsujitoku)

Basic Information

Address:B1 B114 Block, Palace Hotel Arcade, 1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours:11:00~19:00

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